Midwest Wire Products is a precision wire-former and fabricator serving the Display, Office Equipment, and Appliance industries. We specialize in the production of custom wire parts.

We offer a full range of manufacturing capabilities which includes:

CNC benders, single and multi-axis

  • We are able to handle wire diameters from .025" to .3125", Strip width up to 1-1/8", metal thickness from .015" to .1875" with wire feeds up to 32" in a complete range of materials, including high and low carbon steel, spring steel, stainless steel and exotic metals.

Automatic frame bender

Wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic table benders

Automated resistance welding - 20 to 250 KVA resistance welders; MIG/TIG

  • Projection welding, butt welding, and MIG/TIG are just some of the capabilities we offer. We have available single or multi-head resistance welders ranging in size from 20 KVA to 250 KVA, able to weld from sixteen gauge to half inch thick material

Full design capability

  • Let us help you devise an efficient metal-form solution to your design problem.

Dedicated QC department

  • Utilizes sophisticated measuring equipment to ensure product consistency.

Competitive pricing

A commitment to service and delivery

Assembly Services

Finishing services including chrome, nickel or zinc plating and wet or powder coat finishes

Our wide range of production capabilities means we can plan a production method to fit your requirements. Small runs are produced accurately and efficiently using pneumatic hand benders and single and multiple gun welders. High speed mesh welders and automated frame bending equipment combine to cut large production quantities down to size.



Since prints are required to quote most wire-form parts, please email your print to: info@mrasales.com
We can handle most CAD and graphics files.

Of course, we still accept hardcopy prints. You can mail those directly to the sales representative below.



For a any other information, please fill in the following form and click send or contact your sales office:

Harry Davies
17 Wilderness Drive
Mountaintop, PA 18707
Phone: 570-868-6025
Fax: 570-868-6924
email: HarryD@mrasales.com

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