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Metkote Laminated Products Inc. has been combining the strength of metal with the beauty and durability of vinyl for more than 15 years. We offer a wide variety of vinyl colors in solid, woodgrain or textured patterns which are suitable for almost any application. Custom colored vinyls are also available so designers are afforded the maximum freedom to create a beautiful as well as a functional product.

Our vinyls are permanently bonded to cold rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum substrates to satisfy a wide range of applications. We supply vinyl laminates to both OEM's and their subcontracted fabricators, who serve many industries including the appliance, automotive component, electronic component, marine wall systems, office partitions, refrigeration, roofing and vending machines. The possibilities for the use of vinyl-to-metal laminates are unlimited! Use it anywhere you desire a tough, durable surface for aesthetically demanding products.

Metkote vinyl laminates will arrive at your facility ready for immediate fabrication and assembly. You will save time and money because there is no need for post finishing. Our laminates will not peel, shrink or creep even during the most stressful fabrication. Using standard fabrication tooling and forming equipment, our laminates can be drawn as deep as the metal substrate allows; crimped or folded to make dutch bends, reverse hems or lock-seams; blanked, sheared, notched, drilled or perforated from either side; roll formed and silk-screened. Metkote vinyl-to-metal laminates can be joined via adhesives, lock seaming, mechanical fasteners or projection welding.

Because the vinyl film provides a lubricating action, some fabricators have found that the use of die lubricants is unnecessary. If die lubricants were used, a preferable lubricant would be one that does not require the use of solvents during cleaning. Most of the cleaning of vinyl laminates can be accomplished with the use of mild soaps. If necessary, weak alcohol of naphtha solvents may be used to remove grease, oil, or similar films. Abrasive cleaners are not needed or recommended for use on vinyl film because of the possible print wear that could occur over time.

So if you have a product that can utilize the strength of metal and the beauty of vinyl, why not call us today?


Powerful Delicate Durable Pliable Strong Thin
Flexible Tough Colorful

Fabrications include: Shearing, Beading, Perforating, Folding, Blanking, Notching, Crimping

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*Vinyl: We have two major suppliers of vinyl for metal lamination as well as several specialty suppliers. These suppliers produce "standard stock" vinyls as well as custom vinyls. The custom vinyls can be made to your color and texture specifications, but they carry a minimum purchase of 2500 to 5000 yards. The standard stock vinyls are produced on a regular basis and are readily available. If you do not know the vinyl number that you need, please call us and we will send a vinyl brochure.
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Backcoat: Applied with a roller coat system, this is a fully cured glue backcoat. Although it "seals" the back of the sheet from the elements, it will NOT prevent corrosion. We can add black or gray pigment to the otherwise opaque glue coloring. Unless specified, we do not put a backcoat on Aluminum .
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