Midwest Expanded Metal Inc., is a custom manufacturer of expanded metals, located in Waconia, Mn.

Our pattern / material range runs from 3/16" - 24 gauge through 1-1/2" - 13 gauge in aluminum, stainless and carbon steels. While we specialize in bond sheared blanks, we are also extremely competitive on full size sheets, die cut or sheared profiled parts and custom exotic metals, including titanium.

Our expanding equipment is custom designed and built and is capable of some of the fastest "strokes per minute" in the industry. This technology allows us to be very competitive while holding tight tolerances.


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Joseph Canfield
105 Walnut Lane
Columbia, SC 29212
Phone: 803-749-9709
Fax: 803-749-9533
email: JoeC@mrasales.com

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