Campana Tubular Products is an ISO 9002 certified producer of electric resistance welded mechanical and light structural tubing, with production facilities in Lorain, OH.

This division manufactures ERW steel tubing in grades that include 1008 through 1022, AKDQ - HSLA - HRPO CRCQ.  Our sizes range in diameter from .500 inches through 2.500 in OD, and in wall thickness from 22 gauge up to 10 gauge.  In addition round tubing, we also produce a wide variety of shapes including squares, rectangles and ovals. 

We currently operate three state of the art ERW tube mills that utilize High Frequency Induction Welders and are equipped with in-line dedimplers for all sizes and all gauges.  This equipment is rated at more than 120,000 tons of tubing per year.  For custom lengths, we have the capability and capacity with Haven Re-cut and Wire Brush end-finishing systems.  Our standard lead-time is 3 to 4 weeks.

Quality is an on-going integral part of the tube making process, and to that effect we are committed to 100% total customer satisfaction. Our employees are empowered to this end to meet the exacting challenges and requirements of our customers.  Our quality testing system exceeds the ASTM A513 and A500 standards and specifications.  For example, all of our mills are equipped with in-line, full body Eddy Current testers to assure the integrity and quality of each tube produced.



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