Our division started out as a captive producer of wire and cold finished bars for our parent company, Vulcan Threaded Products, one of the nation’s most successful manufacturers of threaded rods.  Since we became a supplier to the open market, we have continued to add capacity and capabilities.

We produce various grades of wire on carriers from .105” diameter through .625” diameter. 

We can also manufacture cold finished round bars in the following sizes and grades: 

Shape Size Range Grades
Rounds !/8” through 3” diameter 1018, 1045, 1117, 1141/1144, 1215, 12L14, 4140, 8620
Industrial Quality Rds

!/4” to under (/16” d diameter

Low carbon

½” x 1” through 1-½” x 3”

Squares #/8”  to 2” 1018
Hexagons #/8”  to under 2” 1018; 12L14; 1215

Most of our cold finished materials are stocked in 12’ lengths.  However, we do offer cut lengths from 36” through 360”.  Out standard bundle weights are 2,000# and 4,000#.

Although we prefer to ship in truckload quantities (42,000 - 44,000#), we can be competitive on lesser amounts.


Vulcan Steel and Wire - Highlights
  • Largest producer of threaded rods in the country
  • In business over 21 years
  • Privately held - 3 partners
  • Over 65,000 tons per year
Steel and Wire Division
  • Started to supply feed stock to the threaded rod division
  • Does wire drawing, cold finishing, heat treating and turning and polishing -No grind and polish
  • Operators of cold finish and wire are well experienced with 12 - 20 years at cold finished facilities
Cold Finished
  • Cycle holding at 3 to 4 weeks (trying to ½ industry standard)
  • Putting in floor stock
  • Plant only running on 1 turn - more operators in training
  • Will equalize freight using our price - Nucor freight
  • Can ship less than truckload quantities - will combine with a threaded rod shipment (which is usually LTL - delivery extended by approx 7 to 10 days so that trucks can be economically combined)
  • Under .677" diameter - Using a Vaughn multi pass wire drawing machine (usually 2 passes) - run HR coil through a mechanical descaler, material then gets brushed, then drawn and recoiled on to a carrier. The carrier then goes to a Lewis Straightener where it is sheared to length. The material then goes through a polishing operation before it is bundled.
  • .677" through 1" diameter - Produced on a KZ-2 Schumag. Material goes through a pre-straightening station and then through a shot blast station. It then runs through another pre-straightening operation then into the drawing heads. It then runs through another straightening station, then a polishing station and then it is sheared to length.
  • Have purchased a draw bench that will be housed in the new building. This machine allowed us to produce cold finished rounds up to 3" diameter as well as squares and flats.


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